About This Course

You are ready to begin a career in mediation. The first step is the foundational 40 Hour Basic Mediation recognized across the United States. The training is a hybrid model with most of the content online combined with live training, either physical or virtual. You can go at your own pace to complete the online training. You must complete the online section, including reading the books, before you can attend the live or virtual training sessions.

Live Training Openings

This is a hybrid course that has both an online and live training component. After enrolling, students must select one of the available live training blocks. Please click the link below to view the calendar and register for the session you would like to attend. Options are available for attending in-person and virtually.




Randall Kinnison

Hello, I'm Dr. Randall Kinnison, aka Doctor Peace.  I founded Genesis Mediation in 2005 and my mission was simple - create more peace in the lives of others every day.  Since that beginning, the Genesis Team and I have created peace for thousands of people. My vision is to create peace for 3 million people by 2030.  I have over 35 years of experience in mediation, counseling, coaching, and consulting.  With over 10,000 hours of mediation, I know conflict when I see it and how to resolve it.  I deeply understand the dynamics between couples and families, business and non-profits, and wherever conflict arises.  As an instructor, I have taught at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. I have trained many new mediators including attorneys for the past eleven years. Attorneys, please check for available MCLE credit in your state

Course Curriculum Preview

  • 1

    Introduction to Course

    • Intro to Online Mediation Training

  • 2

    Definitions and Principles

    • Definitions of Alternative Dispute Resolutions (ADR)

    • Role Play Response

    • Definitions of Conflict

    • Conflict Definition Poll

    • Principles of Interest-Based Mediation

    • Response: Interest-Based Mediation

  • 3

    Spectrum of ADR and Conflict Responses

    • Spectrum of ADR Approaches

    • Response: Spectrum of ADR

    • Peacemaker Spectrum of ADR Approaches

  • 4

    Psychology of Mediation

    • Knowing Yourselves and Clients as a Mediator

    • Response: Knowing Yourself

    • What You Don't Know About Yourself, and Others

    • Response: Yourself and Others

    • Understanding and Changing Our Blindness

    • Response: Blindness

    • How Our Brain Interprets You and the World

    • Response: You and the World

    • Basic Human Needs

    • Response: Basic Human Needs

    • The Role of Grief in Mediation

    • Response: Grief in Mediation

    • The Power of Apology

    • Response: Power of Apology

    • Balancing Power in Mediation

    • Response: Power in Mediation

    • Forgiveness in Mediation

    • The Science of Fairness

    • Response: Science of Fairness

  • 5

    Sociology of Mediation

    • Perspectives in Mediation

    • Response: Perspectives

    • Values Window

    • Values Window Example

    • Culture Conflict

    • Response: Culture Conflict

  • 6

    Conflict Sources and Styles

    • Sources of Conflict

    • Response: Source of Conflict

    • Conflict Styles Assessment

    • Results: Conflict Styles

    • Conflict Styles Interpretation

    • Response: Conflict Styles

    • Conflict Styles

    • Poll: Conflict Styles

    • Expectations - A Source of Conflict

    • Perceptions and Judging - A Source of Conflict

    • Response: Perceptions and Judging

    • Escalation - Newton's Third Law of Motion

  • 7

    Stages of Mediation

    • Roles of a Mediator

    • Response: Roles of a Mediator

    • Stage 1: Case Development

    • Stage 1 Continued: Preparation of a Place and People

    • Response: Stage 1 of Mediation

    • Stage 2: Mediator Opening Statement, Ground Rules and Mediation Agreement

    • Stage 3: Opening Statements by the Clients

    • Response: Stage 3 of Mediation

    • Stage 4: Agenda Building

    • Stage 5: Exploring Options/Brainstorming

    • Stage 5 Continued: Exploring Options/Factors of Resistance

    • Response: Stage 5 of Mediation

    • Stage 6: Negotiations

    • Response: Stage 6 Mediation

    • Stage 7: Resolution

    • Response: Stage 7 of Mediation

    • Stage 8: Written Agreements

  • 8

    Mediation Skills

    • Mediation Skills

    • Roadblocks to Listening

    • Response: Roadblocks to Listening

    • Examples of Roadblocks to Listening

    • Listening Activity

    • The Power of Listening - William Ury

    • Response: Power of Listening

    • Brene Brown - The Difference Between Sympathy and Empathy

    • Response: Sympathy vs. Empathy

    • Original Intent

    • Climbing and Diving

    • Response: Climbing and Diving

    • Finding the Highest Common Denominator

    • Response: Highest Common Denominator

    • Caucusing in Mediation

    • Co-Mediation

  • 9

    Ethics and Standards

    • 2005CoreStandardsFinalP (2)

    • Response: Core Standards of Mediation

    • Model Guidelines for Private Practice, Training, and Experience

    • Response: Model Guidelines

    • Confidentiality Quiz

  • 10

    Summary of Mediation Process

    • Summary of Mediation Process

  • 11

    Course Book - "Getting to Yes"

    • Book Review Questions

  • 12

    Course Book - "The Anatomy of Peace"

    • Book Review Questions

    • Upload: Choice Diagram


  • What all is entailed in the live training portion?

    The live training will consist mostly of role playing scenarios. Both days of the training run from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. with a one hour break for lunch.

  • Do I need to finish the online material before attending the live training?

    Yes, all online lessons and required course reading must be completed before the live training.

  • Is there a virtual option for the live training?

    Yes, anyone may attend the training via Zoom. You will still be able to learn alongside and interact with the students attending in-person.

  • How do I sign up for a live training?

    Please look at the current available dates posted above on this page and email Dr. Kinnison directly to reserve your seat.